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With 30 Years Experience Providing AV Labor to the Events Industry

HireMeDirect Provides Online AV Staffing for Your Live Event Gigs

Reduce Costs

Take advantage of our freelance workforce and save hundreds over direct labor costs. You pay only a small per transaction fee beyond payroll taxes.

Always Available

We will always answer your calls! Our secure internet based system is available 24 hours a day, from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Quality Control

Every freelancer is rated after each job, and you have access to the ratings of previous buyers opinions on their skill level & performance.

Instant On-Boarding

Completely eliminate the time it takes to hire new employees. We handle the HR so you can focus on your shows.

Integrated Messaging

Our system handles all job related communication via an internal email system, no need for outside email, phone, or text messages.

Nationwide Access

Find freelancers with the skills you want, in the locations where your gigs are happening and when you need them!

Buyers - No More 1099's or W2's...

Freelancers Get Paid Fast - No More Chasing Your Money!

What our Buyers Say.

Will Johnson – VX3llc

Hire Me Direct has become my go to site for show labor all over the country. I have been able to hire great show crews, sometimes on short notice, that have allowed me to provide superior service to my customer and bring my event in on budget, and all via the internet.

Margaret Trudeau Warner AV

We recently had the opportunity to have our virgin trial of “Hire Me Direct” for our event in Palo Alto,CA.  We needed several A/V specialists and 3 or 4 carpenters for the stage and set.  Our project manager onsite was extremely grateful and satisfied with our onsite labor.  We were exceptionally lucky to be able to staff our meeting with skilled labor in an area that is usually problematic for us.  After a shaky start learning the techniques for using the website, it was a very thorough and an effective tool that we’ll be able to utilize in the future.

Sally Rayfield – Audio Visual Connection

HireMeDirect has been a critical asset for our company! It’s great to have a nationwide network for our freelance labor needs! Well done!  

Tim Kerbavaz – Talon Entertainment

"Hire me Direct has been an invaluable tool for my AV business. I'm able to hire techs I already know when I'm at home and find quality freelancers when my events take me out of the area, and I know that I'm fully compliant with state and federal labor laws. This is a self-service system that I can use any time of day or night to manage my workforce, and they provide top notch support when I need help. Hire Me Direct understands the AV industry and provides a great deal of value to my business."